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The report includes tables with numbers and rates by county, trends in infant mortality over time, as well as birth chacteristics.

North Carolina Public Records

This annual report presents aggregate statistics on resident child deaths ages 0 to 17 ; including trends in rates and numbers over time, deaths summarized by cause of death and age group. Information is reported for the state, as well as by county. This report presents annual North Carolina resident birth statistics by selected risk factors and characteristics, including Medicaid status at delivery and Women, Infants and Children WIC program participation.

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These statewide tables are reported annually and present interesting facts on births, deaths, marriages and divorces occurring to residents of the state. This report presents life expectancies at the state and county levels, by age group, gender and race white and African American. This report presents statistics on marriages and divorces occurring in North Carolina.

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The report includes tables with numbers and rates by county and by month of occurrence. Selected resources are in pdf format to make reading and printing easier. We are governed by three state agencies: the Legislature, the Secretary of State, and the Department of Vital Records. The Institute of Government advises us.

Register of Deeds

We assist surveyors, realtors, ministers, lawyers, veterans, genealogists, funeral homes, and the general public. It is our goal to serve every citizen in a prompt manner, with a professional, and congenial attitude. Craven County Register of Deeds Office has a recording cut-off time of p. This public information data is furnished by the Craven County Register of Deeds Office, and it must be accepted and used by the recipient with the understanding that the Craven County Register of Deeds Office makes no warranties, express or implied, concerning the accuracy, completeness, reliability, or suitability of this data.

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Furthermore, the Craven County Register of Deeds Office assumes no responsibility or liability whatsoever associated with the use or misuse of this data. Feel free to contact us with questions or comments you may have regarding these records and our office.

However, keep in mind the Office of the Register of Deeds does not engage in the rendering of legal or professional advice. This database of documents is not a substitute for the advice of an attorney.

If you require legal or other expert advice, you should seek such services. We are here to provide the office with integrity, completeness, accuracy and efficient safekeeping through the General Statutes of North Carolina, which govern the Register of Deeds Office and the maintenance of your public records.