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Brandywine and Centreville Cemetery. Buckley - Grubb Burying Ground. Chester Bethal Burials. Coolspring Cemetery, Georgetown.

Graves of Revolutionary War Soldiers. Hare's Corner Cemetery. Genealogy of the Joe Long Cemetery. Mount Pleasant Cemetery. Pleasant Cemetery Introduction. Newark Union Cemetery. Newark Union Cemetery Inscriptions.

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Newark Union Cemetery continued. Newark Union Cemetery concluded. New Section of Newark Union Cemetery. Bits and Pieces - Newark Union Cemetery. Pigeon Run Cemetery. Pigeon Run Cemetery Additions. Michael's Day Nursery Burial Register. Michael's Day Nursery Burial Register, Paul's Cemetery - Odessa, DE. Paul's Cemetery, Odessa Conclusion Sussex County Cemeteries.

Talley - Foulk Burying Ground. Wilmington Friends - Burials Brandywine Manufacturers' Sunday School.

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  • Carlile, Rev. Joseph Extracts from Register. Extracts from Rev. Joseph Carlile Register. Chester Bethal Methodist Church.

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    Church of England Parishioners. Extract of Delaware Data. Newark Monthly Meeting.

    Responses to Newark Monthly Meeting. Old Swedes Baptismal Records. Rev Joshua de Weese and Related Records. Trinity Episcopal Church, Philadelphia. Chandler Funeral Home Records. James T. Chandler and Son Funeral Home Records Chandler Funeral Home Deaths Chandler Funeral Home, Chandler Funeral Home, part. Chandler Funeral Home, part 2 Chandler Funeral Home, part 1 Chandler Funeral Home, part 2 , conclusion. Records of Deaths at Fort Delaware. Kent County Coroner's Inquests, Kent County Coroner's Inquests.

    Kent County Coroner's Inquests, continued. Kent County Inquests, , conclusion. Sussex County Undertaker's Account. Bits and Pieces - Col.


    Wilson, Rev. Matthew Funeral List. Funeral List of Rev. Anderson, Thomas of Kent County. Thomas Anderson of Kent Co. Burton, Prettyman Families. Commentary on Burton, Prettyman Article. A Connecticut Girl in Delaware. Copybook of Georgina Marie Cooper. Delaware-born Residents of Illinois. Bits and Pieces PGM abstract of elopements Hughes, A. Member Response to Hughes Journal.

    Hyatt Family Record Janvier Family Historical Account. Aaron Marshall - Revolutionary Patriot. McDonough's, Thomas Estate. Thomas McDonough's Estate. McGoverns of Hockessin. O'Daniel, Peter Account of Life. Peter O'Daniel Account of Life Origins of Petitdemange Family of Delaware.

    New Castle County, Delaware Records

    Pim's, Thomas Family in England and Ireland. Thomas Pim's Family in England and Ireland The Three David Porters continued. The Three David Porters concluded. Mary Fallon Richards, Editor and Author. Daniel Rodney Letter and Pedigree. The Springer Family concluded. Sussex County Delaware Wanderer. A Sussex County, Delaware, Wanderer. Missouri Sweetman's Story Trustees of the Poor Indemnity Bonds.