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Federal law only requires a background check when the seller is a licensed gun dealer, leaving all other sales — like unlicensed gun sales negotiated over the.

What can be the strategy to do that? What I did a Combined 2 sets of micrographs with which I worked independently. Combined 2 sets of particles; Tried to extract the combo coordinates from the combined micrographs. Error part of them extracted; part of them has wrong coordinates. And even with wrong coordinates if I run the 3d auto refinement I get the error Protocol failed: no path specified.

Re-extract the coordinates. Is there a bug? Amy other suggestions? The 2 datasets have different dose rate info. Thank you! Sincerely, Dmitry. Hi Daniel.

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CUDA variable is there just for Xmipp. It will not affect Relion compilation or others. I don't think there is Conda available. Fixed that! I ran the scipion installp --help --checkUpdates command see below for the output. Any suggestions? Ghost active Sources might be local paths or git urls.

Ok, thanks a lot for the feedback! Please don't hesitate to let us know. When I copied run. I'm curious what is causing your troubles. Nothing like the ones explained here? If yes where? Have others experienced this error and solved it?

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It's possible that my database file was corrupted. So either of these could have been the solution Our other users who have seen the same error will keep testing and I will report back. As far as I know, these temporary files are in the same places of the main sqlite file.

We don't use some of the operations described there, so I guess not all are used in our case. Anyway, non of these are handled by our code So no temporary files whatsoever? Hi, All sqlite databases are written inside the project folder. Some are run. Others are the. Hi Jose Miquel, We need to investigate and it would be good to know where the file is written? Is it only the one written in the project directory we do have plenty of space there? Or are there temporary files written somewhere else? Have you check quota errors or if there is space left on disk? Dear All, We are seeing this error with large datasets over 1M particles.

Where is Scipion writing temporary sql files? I suspect there might be a limit in the file system, causing this error. Or can it be because of something else? Best wishes, Juha. I know this is a bit confusing, sorry for that. You can define those different for each program e. Where should I edit? Running "scipion installb" revealed that I indeed do not have xmipp installed. I guess that is why I did not get xmipp in the first place.

I don't think I will need such features and wondering how I should customize my installation to run with "--no-opencv". Conda installation ask you to "add itself" to the shell so you have conda in the PATH. When doing so, python calls, in some cases are messed up due to having conda and its python exposed in the terminal. About Locascale: Locscale plugin has a dependency to Eman plugin, try to install eman plugin: scipion installp -p scipion-em-eman2 Ok. Regards, Daniel scipion installp --help --checkUpdates Scipion v2. This will affect all plugins specified in the command.

If not specified, will install the latest compatible with current Scipion. With local paths, will do pip install -e editable mode. It is expected to find the plugin name in the basename of the path or in the repo name. So I just installed Scipion 2. It should work. I would like to have the binaries in a custom location and not the git source directory. Is there a configure variable that I should have set or can I just move some directories if so, which? HI Jose and Pablo, Thanks a lot for the quick feedback! I'll go ahead and copy everything over.

I guess I can exclude the. You can move the whole folder. There was an issue before with eman installation, that had to hardcode the path and when moving the scipion folder eman was broken. It should be ok to install eman after moving scipion. Hi Daniel! Hi Daniel, Once built, you can move the Scipion directory to any other location.

Please let me know if you have any questions. On August 20, , during the Edmond post office shooting , 14 employees were shot and killed and six were wounded at the Edmond, Oklahoma , post office by Patrick Sherrill , a postman who then committed suicide with a shot to the forehead.

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A former United States postal worker, Joseph M. The following morning, on October 10, , Harris shot and killed two mail handlers, Joseph M. On November 14, in Royal Oak, Michigan , Thomas McIlvane killed five people, including himself, and injured five others with a rifle in Royal Oak's post office, after being fired from the Postal Service for "insubordination.

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This had drawn the attention of local media. The Office of Senator Carl Levin investigated Royal Oak, the results of which were summarized in a September 10, , staff memorandum. The memorandum documented "patterns of harassment, intimidation, cruelty and allegations of favoritism in promotions and demotions Two shootings took place on the same day, May 6, , a few hours apart.

At a post office in Dearborn, Michigan , Lawrence Jasion wounded three and killed one, and subsequently killed himself. In Dana Point, California , Mark Richard Hilbun killed his mother and her dog, then shot two postal workers, killing one. These new positions were created to help with violence prevention and workplace improvement. In February , the USPS unilaterally eliminated these positions as part of its downsizing efforts. Jennifer San Marco , a former postal employee, killed six postal employees before committing suicide with a handgun , on the evening of January 30, , at a large postal processing facility in Goleta, California.

This incident is believed to be the deadliest workplace shooting ever carried out in the United States by a woman. Grant Gallaher, a letter carrier in Baker City, Oregon , pleaded guilty to the April 4, murder of his supervisor. When he arrived at the parking lot, he reportedly ran over his supervisor several times. He then went into the post office looking for his postmaster.

Not finding him, he went back out to the parking lot and shot his supervisor. Lam then shot and killed himself as police arrived at the facility. Two others were wounded by gunfire, and three people were injured while escaping.

Postal worker DeShaune Stewart murdered two colleagues, his supervisor and the postmaster, on December 23, In , the United States Congress conducted a joint hearing to review the violence in the U. Postal Service. In , researchers found that the homicide rates at postal facilities were lower than at other workplaces. In major industries, the highest rate of 2. The homicide rate for postal workers was 0. More than half of mass workplace shooting are by current employees, and a little under a quarter are by employees who have been at their job for less than a year.

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In the controversial video game series Postal , the player takes on the role of an insane mass murderer in the first game, and in the later series a first-person role performing normally mundane chores such as picking up a paycheck from work with an often gratuitously violent twist. Running with Scissors argued that, despite its title, the game has absolutely nothing to do with the USPS or its employees. The case was dismissed with prejudice in The video game Duke Nukem 3D features a level named "Going Postal", where the player explores and fights through a U.