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Federal law only requires a background check when the seller is a licensed gun dealer, leaving all other sales — like unlicensed gun sales negotiated over the.

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The County Medical Examiner determined that acute alcohol intoxication caused his demise. Delores Decker, 59, April 28, , Non-student died in an accident caused by an intoxicated West Virginia University student. A vehicle driven by an intoxicated West Virginia University student crossed the center line and struck the vehicle driven by Mrs.

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Decker, who lost her life in the crash. After drinking heavily while in Florida on spring break, Justin was found dead the following morning. After visiting friends at Anderson University, Charles lost his life in an accident while driving home. Ciara was killed early on a Friday morning after the car she was riding in hit a concrete barrier on the Ben Franklin Bridge, police said.

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The driver, also a Temple student, was charged with driving under the influence, homicide by vehicle and involuntary manslaughter. Jay was fatally shot while attending a party with friends in an apartment near the university. A friend pointed a black-powder muzzleloader rifle only to scare his friends not knowing the gun was loaded.

George Desdunes, 19, February 26, , Cornell University. George was found unresponsive his fraternity house.

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Gary Jr. Douglas R. DeWitt died during Pledge Week for fraternities and sororities. University officials say the Greek parties were policed to keep them alcohol-free. Philip lost his life after being locked in a room and required to drink tequila, rum and vodka during a fraternity pledge. After passing out, Philip was place in a designated "drunk room" to be watched, but he never regained consciousness.

Clint lost his life when the car that he was driving passed through a stop sign and went into the path of a truck. The group was returning from an end-of-season party for a summer theatre group. The toxicology report shows that Clint had a blood alcohol level more than double the amount consider legally intoxicated. On Memorial day, he and his friend Brad went to a private party at a fellow student's home.

The house was very secluded with acreage and included UVA students and young people from the area. They had an ice luge and apparently, dares for who could drink the most from the luge. Both boys were drinking. Lee feel asleep and never woke up. He had a blood-alcohol content of 0. Dion was first pulled from the water April 15 after disappearing five days before,.

Ahjah Dixon, 23, March 4, , Navarro College. After Ahjah was arrested by campus police at the college on a warrant for possession of a controlled substance, she began having problems breathing and told officers she needed some air. She was taken to a recreation yard where she asked for some water. The arrest came after reports that Ahjah wanted someone to purchase alcohol. Both residence life staff and campus police responded and saw bottles of alcohol in the room. Drugs and alcohol are considered contributing factors in her death. Michael died after being struck by a car on campus. The driver was charged with driving while intoxicated.

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Ashleigh Dodd, 24, January 7, , Nonstudent. Ashleigh lost her live in an automobile accident in which her best friend, a Baylor student was the driver. The driver's blood alcohol level was measured to be. Ashley M. Donahue, 20, December 3, , Framingham State University. Ashley lost her life after she was ejected from the back seat of a vehicle in a crash that injured four other students. The group was leaving a birthday party were drinking games were played, The driver was charged with driving under the influence. Ashely lost her life along with 5 Irish students visiting for the summer when a balcony collapsed during an apartment party near the Berkley campus.

Gourdine Gets 10 Years In Second Sentencing For Drunk Driving Fatality Accident

There were approximately 13 individuals on the balcony which collapsed as result of the load and extensive dry rot. Reports stated that empty containers littered the scene. Michael A. Douglas, 19, September 14, , Lincoln University. Early Friday, Michael A. Douglas, 19, a Lincoln University student from Easton, was shot outside an Allentown nightclub hosting an all-ages college party.

Shawn Dow. The Friday night party started off low-key, with about 20 college students and other young adults chatting and sipping beer inside a fourth-floor apartment in Boston's Allston neighborhood. Then, about a. One party crasher got into a heated argument with a woman inside the apartment, touching off a brawl in the building's stairwell that involved about 20 males.

Louisiana Roadside Memorials: Negotiating an Emerging Tradition

Shawn apparently, and accidentally, fell off the building's black-top roof, landing in an alley. Lee Drelles, 19, September 21, , Michigan Tech. Lee died in a crash that occurred just south of the Michigan Technological University campus. Lee was thrown from the vehicle after it hit a tree. The vehicle rolled several times. Toxicology reports show that another student who was driving had a blood alcohol level of.

Patrick went to a house party with his fraternity brothers. He was later found in the middle of the road, near the house where he had gone with his friends. His blood alcohol level was about twice the legal limit for a year old. Patrick had been hit by a car. According to the driver, Patrick was lying in the road at the time he was struck.

Eric was reported missing after leaving a celebration of his 21 st birthday. He was found days later in the Wisconsin River. Trevor Duffy, 19, November 16, , University of Albany.

Trevor lost his life after being rushed to the hospital after overdosing on alcohol at an off-campus party. Four others students were treated and released from the same party which may have been a hazing event. Brogan Dulle, 21, May 26, , University of Cincinnati. Brogan committed suicide after a night drinking with friends. His blood-alcohol level was determined to be.

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Andrew lost his life when the car in which he was a passenger passed through a stop sign and went into the path of a truck. The toxicology report shows that the student driver had a blood alcohol level more than double the amount consider legally intoxicated. Zach Dunlevy, December 10, , Limestone College. Zachary was drinking for about four hours at a liquor-only party and became belligerent.

He had died from an alcohol overdose according to police. Kelsey lost her life in a car accident in which nine other students were injured. The student driver was charged with driving under the influence. Linzy became very ill after a night out with friends.