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The second-hand car price is much less than what you pay for a new car of similar make. Therefore, the used car sellers and those who buy second-hand cars spend a lot of attention to the fact that they get right valuation of the cars. Obtaining your car valuation online in India is possible. Here are the factors that affect the used car valuation in India.

Usually, the newer the car, the higher is the variant and thereby, better is the price.

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The used car valuation India online model considers this fact as the vital one that decides the used car price in India. The reason behind the same is that a higher mileage on the odometer suggests that the car might require higher maintenance as compared to the cars that cover fewer kilometres. It results in a reduction of the second-hand car price.

An old car with no upgrades will naturally fetch a lower value than a vehicle that is in excellent condition and has the latest updates. Second-hand car buyers always look for used cars in an excellent condition. Sellers, as well as buyers, can make use of the online car valuation facilities available with autoportal. Autoportal is the best website for purchasing and selling second-hand four-wheelers.

We connect you with the best pre-owned car dealers so that you get the right deals at the perfect price. You have a wide variety of options, thereby enabling you to choose the best second-hand car to buy.

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However, take the necessary precautions when you buy used cars online. Use the second-hand car price calculator to arrive at the right used car valuation. Login via Mobile. Forgot Password? New Seller on Autoportal? Register With us.

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Certified Used Cars from Trusted Sellers. Budget Select Your Budget. Found 0 cars View Cars. Advanced filters Car year Min Year. Year Max. Kilometers driven Kilometers driven. Fuel type. Certified By. Close filters. Select by Brands. Recently added Recently viewed Recently added. Recently viewed. Get the Right Used Car Valuation Online One of the most critical aspects when you look for second-hand cars for sale is the price factor. Final Words Autoportal is the best website for purchasing and selling second-hand four-wheelers.

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There are a number of places to purchase a used auto. Here's a quick rundown: CarMax offers no-haggle pricing and cars that are in good condition, but its prices are a bit higher than you'll find elsewhere.

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Private-party sellers have lower prices and can be negotiated with more easily, but the burden is on the buyer to get the car inspected. Major dealerships sell certified pre-owned cars that are in excellent condition and backed by factory warranties. This option will appeal to buyers who want to minimize the risks of buying used and are willing to pay extra for it.

Independent used-car lots are another alternative but can vary wildly on price and the condition level of their cars. On Edmunds, it is easy to check your area for local vehicle listings. At the top of this page, simply type in your ZIP code and hit "Go. Once you've narrowed the field down to a couple of candidates, it's very important to thoroughly check out their condition and take them for a test drive. A thorough vehicle inspection can shed light on potential problems or tell you whether the car has been in an accident.

Don't hesitate to bring your mechanic to see the car or to request a mobile inspection. Take the car for a spin to listen for any unusual noises and to see if you like the way it drives. If you are an audiophile, now is also the time to test-drive the audio system. A vehicle history report from services such as AutoCheck, Carfax or the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System is worth the money and could help tip the scales in favor of one car over another.

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Don't stress out over a little bit of haggling. If you've done your homework on the car, you will have the information you need to negotiate. Make sure you input the correct miles and choose the applicable options. Edmunds' TMV tool will show you what you can expect to pay for the vehicle, depending on whether the seller is a private party or a dealership. You'll also get the car's estimated trade-in value.