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Federal law only requires a background check when the seller is a licensed gun dealer, leaving all other sales — like unlicensed gun sales negotiated over the.

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The affordability and speed of both options have improved considerably during the past decade. Some state agencies offer a quick-turnaround and free or affordable background checking options. Using a third-party, private screening provider may offer additional, appealing benefits.

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For example, many background screening companies will not provide arrest information to employers because the use of such information could lead to disparate impact claims under Title VII. Many leaders understandably prefer the ease of using a private background check company.

Because life happens.

These laws are intended to prevent the knee-jerk, early disqualification of applicants based on the stigma of a criminal record. Many nonprofit hiring managers report checking Facebook and other social media sites to gather information on candidates. According to careerbuilder. But as explained below, nonprofit employers should exercise caution when researching candidates on social media sites and be careful not to rely on protected categories of information.

Avoid identifying yourself as the person for whom a warrant was issued. You should not have trouble getting an answer about a criminal case, most data in criminal cases are public record. Certain civil cases may not be public record. States have different rules about which civil cases are public record. The cases that are most unlikely to be public record are family dependency or divorce and juvenile delinquency cases. Civil domestic violence cases, which involve protective, peace, or restraining orders, are also unlikely to be public record. If you believe that records from your case will be restricted, consider working with a bail bondsman or an attorney.

I was approved for a lease and I asked the landlord for a copy of the credit report I paid for that was part of his background check fee. He says he doesn't have to give me a copy. Is that correct? Why r apparment managers not forced to be registered with the state such as c. And an u belieavable of fruad, theft of moneys, and unreported moneies are stolen.

I was denied an apartment with affordable housing for not putting current landlords name, I gave new information to receptionist, she asked for his address, and phone number so when I asked her if she wanted his name she replied "No, this should be enough. I was a bit shocked but more shocked to be denied for something that affordable housings receptionist had done. They gave my apartment to someone else and corrected my denial but now it's been 3 months and I feel it's more to what's really going on.

This happened in Portland Oregon. This FTC article has information about background checks, and the kind of questions an employer can ask you during the hiring process. You can read the article, and follow the links in the article to get more information related to employment. I have nonviolent, nondrug related charges in Ohio. I am looking for an apartment in Jacksonville, FL.

I have been told most apartment complexes only do a state background checks and my charges wont show up. Do you know if this is true? Best part is, when renting you pay up front. Standard these days is first, last and security plus pet deposits if you're lucky enough to actually find a rental that allows pets.

Credit is not being extended to the renter, and each month is paid in advance. If a landlord asks for a credit check, be sure to get one from them too. How does a renter know that their landlord is paying their bills? What if they don't pay their mortgage? I recently applied for a 1 bedroom apt in Pasadena Texas.

Background Checks, Screening and Your Nonprofit

They told me they had to do a background check but if everything was ok I could move in 3 days I waited and waited and noone called me back so after 5 days I went into the office and they said I wasn't approved because of 2 misdemeanors! Every time I call I get a run-a-round and no one knows whats going on. They say the person I need to speak to is out of the office and will have to call me back, but I never receive a call back!

What can I do? You may want to file a complaint with the Texas Attorney General's Office. So week later i called them so i can go look at apartment so that i know how big it is that why i know what would fit in there and told me ok so i the next day show me one and it was the button after she me that i to pay dollars extra i ask why you guys had me that it was done that i just had to pay rent on first she it was because i did have any credit or my points were low i told them that's wrong because i been getting loans and they never said any about.

Thank you for ready my comment. I am a small company who rents out offices and would like to perform criminal background checks on perspective customers before handing over keys. What can I or should I be doing to protect myself and my customers? Go there for information about protecting your business from fraud, to watch videos and order free publications.

Background Check For Job Applicants |

This guidance explains what employers need to know about background checks. Thank you for your solution for making many people to homeless just because an offense occur and may not be eligible for place to stay. Number 1 in the nation for homeless. I filled out an application for an apartment and paid the application fee and holding deposit fee. A week later I received an email with a move in date.

The apartment I would be moving in was opening because the tenant was relocating and the management was letting them out of their contract since I was interested in renting the apartment. I was also told I could rent the apartment for six months. A week later when I inquired about when I would receive my contract I was told that a new company managed the apartment complex. The new management told me that I did not have the apartment because the current tenants contract was for another seven months.

He also said that they do not offer six month contracts and the previous management of the apartments should not have offered that.


I believe I should be able to get the apartment because the acting agent of the apartment complex at the time I filled out the paperwork represented the apartment? You can contact the local consumer protection agency about the company, or the Attorney General in your state. Keep copies of your emails and bank records. I currently have an apartment under my name for my sister.

She's been paying on time for a year. Now my other sister is asking for me to put another apartment under my name. They both have broken leases. I live in Texas and I am not sure if I can do this. When they do the back ground check will the other apartment I currently have come up?

Warrants Vary

It's hard to say no to my sisters when they have no where else to go. You might want to ask your city, county or state housing agency what a landlord can ask about when you apply for a lease, and what your rights are.

Some employers can check your background before they decide to hire you or keep you on a job. When they do that, you have certain rights under federal law. This FTC article explains your rights related to background check. I have been a tenant at my current residence since At the time I signed my lease I was told that my water bill is paid by me and it is In I was laid off and in I found another job paying less than what I was making when I signed the lease.

The water has since increased to Now because of my bad rental history, it's hard to find a place affordable to move. No one wants to rent to me. What do I do? I had a possession charge in and getting ready to fill out paperwork. Will that charge show up after all these years with no other charges before or after that? This article tells what landlords must know when they use consumer reports. The Fair Credit Reporting Act requires landlords to take certain steps when they use consumer reports to make decisions about a tenant.

I rented an apartment in Wny in January of I've been an excellent tenant. I was asked in the original lease contract about my criminal history.