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Your router and modem is what sits between your device and the internet, so it needs to know the IP address your ISP has assigned to your network.

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This means you can use your own device to find your public IP address. This means that the address you find using one of the methods above, will not be the same address you find a few weeks from now, or maybe even sooner.

Static vs. Automatic IP Addressing

It does this each time the address changes, effectively giving you one hostname like a website URL that you can use to refer to your public IP address. All you need is the hostname!

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By default, your public IP address is visible by nearly anyone. Each website you visit can see it, your ISP knows what it is, and people snooping on your network from the street can figure it out. A VPN, or virtual private network, is by far the easiest and most effective way to keep prying eyes from seeing your public IP address. Default gateway is the IP address of another computer that acts as the exit ramp for all traffic leaving the network.

Finding Your IP Address

The most common use for a default gateway is to allow computers on the network to access the Internet. Corporate environments use a "proxy server" as a default gateway to filter and protect outgoing network traffic. The default gateway address for Logan Hall is Without a proper DNS server and the correct subnet mask, a computer will not be able to access the Internet.

All computers on-campus use the same DNS server addresses. Three DNS server addresses are provided for load-balancing and redundancy.

If you are having problems connecting to the campus network via Ethernet , you should make sure your network adapter is configured properly. Note: The following instructions are for on-campus connections only.

How to Find Out What Your IP Address Is In Windows XP

As of fall , all residence halls at UMass Amherst have been equipped with state-of-the-art wireless Internet access. Wired Ethernet connections are not available in these buildings.

How to Find a Printer's IP Address in Windows XP

Search the Support Center. Browse by Topic. Right-click Local Area Connections and select Properties.