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You will be advised how long this is likely to be.

The Coroner will usually supply a copy of the report to "interested" persons family, legal representatives of involved in the inquest on application. Your G. They are the people who have a right to participate in the Inquest, by receiving copy statements and asking questions at the hearing and are known as Properly Interested Persons.

When the Coroner is given a cause of death by the doctor, the doctor and the Coroner will notify the Registrar of the death. This will happen normally within 24hrs. You may then ring the Registrar to make an appointment to visit the Registrar and register the death. You must do this in person.

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If the Coroner has decided to hold a post-mortem and when s he receives the report does not require an inquest to be held, s he will send a certificate to the Registrar to register the death. This happens usually within 24hrs of the report being received by the Coroner. If the Coroner has decided to hold an inquest then a full death certificate will not be available until after the inquest is concluded.

The Bureau of Vital Statistics is striving to improve!

The interim certificate is not a death certificate. Copies of this are supplied to the next of kin once the Inquest has been opened. Do not send all copies away — keep one copy in case you need to have certified copies made for other institutions. Death certificates are issued by the local Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages. The Coroner must also reach a conclusion about such deaths, e.

Where needed, an inquest will be opened to take evidence of identity and brief circumstances before being adjourned to allow a full investigation to be conducted. The inquest is then resumed when the Coroner will consider in public all the evidence before making the findings that the law demands.

Where reasonably practicable the inquest will be held within 6 months of the date of when the death was reported. There are some cases that take a considerable amount of time to enquire into and it may not be possible to hold the final hearing within 6 months.

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However, if this is the case you will be notified of this, given reasons for it and the case will be regularly reviewed by the Coroner to avoid unnecessary delays. If there is a criminal prosecution in relation to the death then depending upon the charges brought the inquest will be adjourned until the outcome of those proceedings is known. Depending upon the nature of those proceedings e.

The Coroner, in such a case, will then register the death as if an inquest had been held.


Information regarding the inquest can be obtained from this site. You are only obliged to attend an inquest if you have received a witness summons to attend. It is an offence to disregard the summons. Death certificates in which mechanisms of death sepsis, shock, cardiac arrest, multiorgan failure, etc are listed as the underlying cause are often reported to our office by Vital Records.

Five Question Regarding Death Certificates

Listing a mechanism of death rather than an etiologically specific underlying cause will generate follow up from the Vital Records office or involvement by our office. Healy District 6 Robert L. Larsen Sheila Rutledge James F. Zay Jr. Physician Liability from Signing Death Certificate: Physicians are reasonably concerned about liability and repercussions for their actions. This can include:. Share this page. We will not reply to your feedback. Don't include any personal or financial information, for example National Insurance, credit card numbers, or phone numbers. The nidirect privacy notice applies to any information you send on this feedback form.

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If you wish to check on a problem or fault you have already reported, contact DfI Roads. Google Tag Manager. Coroners, post-mortems and inquests Coroners are independent judicial officers who investigate deaths reported to them.

Deaths under Investigation

After a death is reported A Coroner will first gather information to investigate whether a death was due to natural causes and if a doctor can certify the medical cause of death. Identifying the body If the Coroner orders a post-mortem examination then a member of the family will be asked to formally identify the body. The next of kin can be represented at the examination by a doctor of their choice. Coroners Liaison Officers Coroners Liaison Officers are people who work for a Coroner to help bereaved families when a post-mortem examination has been ordered.

Coroners, post-mortems and inquests

Although some information can be obtained from looking directly at organs in a post-mortem examination, often the only way to understand properly what has happened is: to look at part of an organ under the microscope carry out special tests get a second medical opinion Tissue samples, blocks and slides It is usually necessary to retain small tissue samples for further examination and for further tests such as looking at chromosomes or genes and searching for infections due to bacteria or viruses that may have caused the death.

These techniques are the same as those used to examine tissue from living patients. X-rays, photographs and other images It may be necessary to x-ray or photograph the body or an organ during the post-mortem examination. Post-mortem results The pathologist will provide the preliminary results of the post-mortem examination to the Coroner very quickly. Retained organs and tissue The pathologist, with the authority of the Coroner, may need to retain any organs and tissue samples removed at the post-mortem examination to assist in the investigation into the death.

Returning the body The body will be prepared by the mortuary staff and then released to an undertaker who can make arrangements for family and relatives to view the body. Death registration and funeral arrangements If the death was due to natural causes which a doctor is able to confirm, the Coroner will advise the Registrar by issuing a Coroner's notification and the death can be registered and a death certificate issued. Registering a death Arranging a funeral Inquests An inquest is an inquiry into the circumstances surrounding a death. Death and bereavement Applying for probate Arranging a funeral Coroners, post-mortems and inquests Documents and information needed when someone dies Making a will Order a death certificate online Registering a death What to do if there is no will What to do when someone dies checklist When someone dies abroad When someone dies at home When someone dies in hospital or a care home.

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