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Federal law only requires a background check when the seller is a licensed gun dealer, leaving all other sales — like unlicensed gun sales negotiated over the.

So, they just fade into the endless, nameless statistics. But here, even statistics grew stale, years and years ago. Who cares any more how many homicides there are each day, each week, each year? Well, 50 was a relatively mini-massacre in El Salvador in the s—and those genocidal murderers are now members of parliament, or ambassadors, or political analysts. The youth being blamed, probably correctly, are especially those who are gang-related, but this scapegoat phenomenon is far too general. Where is Nuremberg?

Where is The Hague? El Salvador has almost 5, youth in prison on marijuana charges. Most youth, miraculously, are survivors, however many frights they may have been through, and however insecure they might feel.

Of a regular houseful of housemates, two have been murdered, as well as several brothers. But a couple times each week, I am left wondering about those still living. They have unpredictable schedules, whether work, health, study, or social. Communication is unreliable. Their cell phones are stolen, broken, lost, stuck without charge, without a signal, etc.

Public transportation, especially after dark 6 p. We in El Salvador join the world in mourning the tragic murders of our Muslim sisters and brothers in New Zealand. We join the world in standing in solidarity with our sisters and brothers of the Muslim faith. Please join us in mourning our murdered sisters and brothers in El Salvador. Please join us in standing in solidarity with those at risk in this violent nation. Yearly Reports:. El Salvador Revenue and Expense Report Yearly El Salvador Financial.

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Report Life is full of stories; every day is full of stories. Some get told. Canadian Thanksgiving. Let us count the reasons. I find myself pondering the incarnation as I often do. I sometimes consider my life, my ministry, to be a mini-brush with incarnation, a mini-, marginal-following of Jesus, as per Phil They even shame me into the odd foray into the culiinary arts.

But getting back to incarnation.

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I have considered showing up at the maximum-security—minimun-humanity—prison in El Salvador, insisting that I be imprisoned and subjected to the same inhuman, life-trampling conditions suffered without respite by other children of God, other siblings of Jesus. What would the administrative response be? What would the inmate response be? Not forever, of course, just until basic United Nations-acceptable measures for humane treatment of inmates were met. Not because they enjoy abundance, or all too often anything at all, or even anything approaching health, but mostly because they have each other—not even Jesus, since most in Calcutta are other than Christian—and life itself, if only just a tiny spark of it, for all-too-fleeting moments.

Another Victory for El Salvador. Imagine El Salvador—especially its legislators—voting unanimously about anything. In El Salvador, even air and water are contentious and divisive issues all too often.

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Yet, yesterday, the legislative assembly passed an anti-mining law, unanimously. Following are two victory stories for El Salvador, in spite of Canada and its obsession with the mining industry. The struggle is not over.

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Salvadoran water is still at risk due to Canadian mining in Honduras and Guatemala. Borders do not keep out contaminated water, nor do they prevent depletion of critical water resources.

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For 23 years, I have had the honour and privilege of accompanying persons living with HIV. I was called and inspired first by a university professor, a Salvadoran Lutheran friend and colleague in an age when no-one else could be entrusted with such a dark and very personal secret, especially in El Salvador. In spite of almost a quarter-century of such accompaniment, I am still struck by surprises, as I was a couple weeks ago, during our bi-weekly meeting with the HIV mutual support group at Rosales Public Hospital in San Salvador.

The physician who was going to address only the male members of this group on themes such as prostate and testicular cancer had been delayed. We had an hour to fill, so we improvised. Each participant was given a slip of paper with one of four different words on it. The four groups of 6 or 7 persons each were to discuss the word which they shared.

One by one, we told the others in our small group what gave us most joy. Then one representative from each group offered a summary of what had been discussed to the plenary group. The man beside me, about 50 years of age, had no trouble convincing us of his joy. It shone from his eyes, it emanated through his energetic body language, it flowed through his passionate words. The rest of us, however, took a double-take, not quite believing what we were hearing.

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This man was joyful about being HIV-positive. Yes, you read that right—joyful about being HIV-positive. How could this be, we all wondered? Well, life pre-HIV for this friend had not been much to be joyful about—no friends, no social life, only isolation and loneliness. For the first time in his life, he felt like he belonged. For the first time in his life, he had friends, genuine, supportive friends. He was eager to be the one to address the entire group with a summary, which ended up being mostly a focus on—a repeat of—what he had already shared with us in the small group.

It was not simply a report, but rather a pouring out of thankfulness to these couple dozen men whom he knew were his friends, and whom he had the joy of meeting with every two weeks. We had become like his own family. The most culture you'll find in Red Deer. We walked from the casino one night with friends visiting from up North. They were wondering if we were putting them on as we led them down the dark alley and they the patio lights appeared in the distance and the sound of live music wafted through the air.

If you don't have fun hear you may need to let go and remember what that is Had my birthday here once and it was a blast :. Can't wait to go back! Own or manage this property? Claim your listing for free to respond to reviews, update your profile and much more. Red Deer. Profile JOIN. Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers.

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Ranked of Restaurants in Red Deer. Restaurant details Good for: Local cuisine. Description: A quaint and private 40 seat conversation lounge in the heart of downtown Red Deer. A hidden gem with a back alley entrance.