Birth Certificates Births that occur at area hospitals are registered through that medical facility.

National Records of Scotland

Births that occur in the presence of a certified nurse midwife are processed and submitted to the Deputy Registrar by the certified midwife on the mother's behalf. For births occurring at home where no certified midwife is present, the mother is responsible for registering the birth with the Deputy Registrar. The following information is required for this process: Proof of delivery or pregnancy records of prenatal care, ultrasound, etc. Current ID or valid government issued ID.

Proof of address where birth occurred i. Call for appointment at British Nationals Born Overseas , index and images. Biographies The Scottish nation, or, The surnames, families, literature, honours, and biographical history of the people of Scotland , e-book.

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Brought down to the present time, from the most authentic sources. By William Anderson. With an appendix containing a short historical account of the wicked lives and miserable deaths of some of the most bloody persecutors in Scotland.

By John Howie, of Lochgoin. Also at Ancestry. Scotland Census, , no images.

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Also at FamilySearch , index only. Scotland Census, , index only.

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Clans The Scottish clans and their tartans; , e-book Compiled Genealogies Genealogical collections concerning families in Scotland, made by W. Discover your Scottish ancestor among millions of records covering almost years of births and baptisms.

Find their name and date of birth as well as their place of baptism. Each record contains a transcript of original sources. The amount of information contained varies but you can find out the following about your ancestor:.

Scottish records

There are millions of records of births from across Scotland between the years — These are not intended to be an exhaustive collection of births and baptisms. Some places are not covered and the date ranges vary from location to location.

The transcript refers to film numbers and batch numbers. Both these reference numbers refer to material held in the Family Research Library.